Marabou Symposium

The Marabou Symposia is a series of conferences on nutrition. The conferences are sponsored by “Marabou’s foundation for the promotion of nutritional research”, an independent foundation originally set up by a donation from the Marabou company. The scientific programme of the symposia is organised by an independent group of European and North American advisors with the aim to bring up novel questions within the broad field of nutrition and to stimulate interaction and new research in novel constellations.

The conferences have been held in Stockholm, Sweden since 1973. A total number of 29 symposia covering different aspects of nutrition have been held, initially on a yearly basis, but since 1981 every second year. The most recent symposium took place June 10 – 12, 2022 and covered “Neurobiology of Eating Behavior”. The proceedings from this symposium will be published in Journal of Internal Medicine. The next symposium will discuss “Nutrition and Immunity: Individual Variation in Response” and take place June 14 - 16, 2024.