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Marabou Symposium

The Marabou Symposia is a series of conferences on nutrition. The conferences have been held in Stockholm, Sweden since 1973.


More than 25 symposia covering different aspects of nutrition have been held, initially on a yearly basis but since 1981 every second year. The most recent symposium took place June 9 -11, 2017 and covered "Nutrition and Human Evolution ". The proceedings from this symposium will be published in Journal of Internal Medicine and on proceedings. The next symposium, which has the title “Nutrition and Stem Cell Integrity in Ageing”, will take place June 14 - 16, 2019.


The symposia were originally promoted by Henning Throne-Holst (1895 – 1980). He was the first Chief Executive of the Marabou company, the largest chocolate manufacturer in Sweden which is now part of Mondelēz International. Henning Throne-Holst further demonstrated his support of nutrition research by setting up a foundation, Henning and Johan Throne-Holsts foundation, (information in Swedish only), to support the training of Swedish and Norwegian doctors and scientists for 1 – 2 years postgraduate study abroad on any topic with a nutritional focus.


The Marabou Symposia are sponsored by “Marabou’s foundation for the promotion of nutritional research” an independent foundation set up by a donation from the Marabou company. The scientific programme of the symposia is organised by an independent group of European and North American advisors.